An Alienation Potential Quiz: How do you see others?

Before you do anything else, take the quiz: Take the Quiz: How Do You View Others I was recently thinking about the difference between the world view of alienating parents and “normal” parents. By normal I mean me. So, differences between how I view the world and how I suspect alienating parents view the world. The basic questions today are “Do you generally think others are good or bad?” and “Do you generally blame others or take responsibility?” An Alienating Parent’s World View Alienating parents often see the world as very black and white. Alienating parents view the other parent as all bad and no good. Thus an alienating parent might “protect” their children from the other “bad” parent. In addition to seeing others as bad, an alienating parent is likely to not take responsibility for his or her actions. Alienating parents are likely to blame others (the bad people) for bad things that happen and accept responsibility only for the good things (or view anything they do as good, even if its bad). Thus, if you score well on the Quiz: How Do You View Others, then you are less likely to be an alienating parent. If you score low on the quiz, then maybe you have high alienation potential. My guess is that if you actually took the quiz that your alienation potential is low. Someone should probably make a comprehensive quiz to measure alienation potential. Scientifically Verified! Just in case you think Internet quizzes tell you about real life… Read moreAn Alienation Potential Quiz: How do you see others?