Alien Parenting Reboot!

What and how I want to write is slowly evolving. I haven’t written many posts and most, well actually all of them, have been a recounting of facts of what has happened to me, or at least the facts as I see them. I think that I’m still going to write up some personal events, but as they are more personal, I’m going to keep those more private, password protected and probably not promoted. But, mostly I plan to write more that is less personal, less airing of dirty laundry.   I know that I’m not a very good writer. At least, I have never considered myself to be a good writer. My word processor tells me I make lots of grammatical mistakes. Lots of spelling mistakes. But mostly, I just don’t find what I write compelling to read. I understand that the way to improve is to just write. So, that I is what I am going to try to do. I do hope to improve my writing and maybe even someone will find a few of my ideas and experiences compelling.