Trump 2016. Notes from a democratic voter.

Here are some alternate titles for this post: Why I think I might vote for Trump A democrat voting for Trump?! Why not Bernie or Hillary? You see, I have voted democratic (or leaned democratic if I didn’t vote) in nearly every election since I started voting. My Voting History 1988: Bush 1 versus Dukakis I was 18 years old and at college in Utah. I didn’t vote and I didn’t pay too close attention to politics. I do remember thinking that Dukakis wasn’t too impressive. Bush certainly didn’t wow me either. I was pretty apathetic and certainly wasn’t interested in putting in any effort to register in Utah or do an absentee ballot, so I didn’t vote. 1992: Bush 1 versus Clinton I was 22 years old and living in France. My mom sent me an absentee ballot. I remember filling it out and voting for Clinton. Since then, I have learned that absentee ballots are essentially never counted anyway. 1996: Clinton versus Dole I was living in Utah and didn’t vote. But, I do remember thinking Dole was quite a chump. I would have voted for Clinton for sure had I voted. 2000: Bush 2 versus Gore versus Nader I was still living in Utah. This was the year Nader got blamed for Gore’s loss. I remember buying into Nader’s description of both parties as equal. I remember thinking that they it didn’t matter who got elected because it would be “more of the same.” Had I voted, I… Read moreTrump 2016. Notes from a democratic voter.