Court with with an Alienator – A Charlie Brown Perspective

Last Halloween I watched, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” The Great Pumpkin came out in 1966 and I hadn’t watched it since I was a child. What really impacted me watching it this time was the famous “Football Gag.” If you’ve watched any of the Charlie Brown TV Specials, you know this scene–Charlie Brown goes to kick the football, Lucy pulls the football away and Charlie Brown lands on his back in pain. Charles Schulz, the writer of the comic strip Peanuts, has many variations on this “Football Gag” and you can read all about it here at the┬áPeanuts Wiki. I didn’t even know it was called a “gag” until I started writing this piece. I don’t think it is very funny. I would call it bullying. In the Great Pumpkin version of the Football Gag, Charlie Brown refuses to kick the ball until Lucy signs an agreement “testifying” that she will not pull the ball away. Of course, Lucy pulls the ball away and its the same old story. Lucy excuses her contract violation by finding a loophole and she tells Charlie Brown that the agreement wasn’t notarized. Many, many parents go to the courts to try and get help to just see their children. These parents generally receive signed agreements from the courts–signed by the courts and also the other parent. Then, when it comes time to try and see their children, there always seems to be some loophole, some reason that these parents are not allowed… Read moreCourt with with an Alienator – A Charlie Brown Perspective