Book Review – Sabotaged by Ryan Thomas

I am excited to review the book “Sabotaged – 3 Hidden Weapons of Parental Alienation” by Ryan Thomas. Ryan made a big splash in late 2014 when he started posting videos and telling his story as an alienated child. Ryan now runs on-line classes to help parents work to reconnect with their alienated children. By all accounts and by the videos of Ryan that I’ve watched, Ryan knows what he is talking about and has good suggestions for parents of alienation. You can learn more about Ryan at his webpage or his Facebook page: Ryan Thomas Speaks Ryan Thomas on Facebook In late 2015, Ryan wrote his book Sabotaged. You can buy his book (for $9) here: Ryan Thomas’ book Sabotaged I really enjoyed reading Ryan’s book. It is a relatively short book (about 90 pages) and an easy read (I read it in part of one evening). At the end of Sabotaged, Ryan describes the goal of this book: “My goal is that this helps you [the alienated parent]¬†identify ‘why’ and ‘how’ the alienator has sabotaged your relationship.” I’m not sure Ryan addressed the “why” but I’m not sure I care about why (the “why” is probably because the alienator is a sick individual). Ryan absolutely nails “how” an alienator sabotages a parental relationship and Ryan absolutely nails “why” an alienated child acts in the way they act. If you want to know what alienation is like from a child’s perspective, you should definitely read this book. If you… Read moreBook Review – Sabotaged by Ryan Thomas